FSBO Mastery Can Make You Millions

Apr 07, 2021

Can you imagine walking into your office in the morning without any leads and ending the day with a signed agreement on a well-priced listing? What would that do to your business and your life?

Stop imagining and let’s make it happen.

In my 25 years of real estate sales and training, it is evident to me that real estate agents would rather do anything else other than prospect For Sale By Owners. That’s despite the fact that they are, next to Expired listings, the fastest and best source of immediate business. 

Let’s talk about why they are the best prospects to contact. Here are a few tips to convert them into appointments and listings.

  1. Even though they sound unmotivated, their house is for sale and they don’t have an agent yet. Don’t buy into their seemingly lack of motivation, it’s just a smokescreen. People in their right state of mind don’t put their house for sale if they don’t want to sell it. Their response is based on...
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