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SalesX + Espresso Agent

High quality data is a critical part of your success. One missed opportunity could costs you thousands of dollars. That's why SalesX Training negotiated a special offer with Espresso Agent for you. Receive the highest quality phone numbers for FSBOs and Expireds seven days a week, plus a lot more. Use the promo code JACKIE3M

You will get:

  • 40% Off Your First 3 Months!
  • 2 Years Of Past Expireds!
  • 1 Month Of Past FSBOs!
  • FREE Neighborhood Search!
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Dominating FSBOs

For Sale By Owners are a major key to building a profitable, efficient and effective business. The great thing about FSBOs is that they already have their home for sale but they don't have an agent yet. A skilled sales person with high quality data will make a fortune with FSBOs.

Dominating Expireds

Expireds are the best source of immediate business. These are sellers who are looking for a confident and aggressive agent. New expired listings are sellers you can call in the morning and list them in the afternoon that very same day. The skills you are training on everyday coupled with high quality data from Espresso will make you unstoppable.

High Quality Data

An elite agent can turn every prospecting call into a listing appointment. This requires skills and it also requires data. Espresso Agent provides highest quality source of cell phone numbers, work numbers and email addresses.

Powerful CRM

A CRM is essential to every sales business. Being able to know who you spoke to, what you spoke about and when you need to speak again is key to effective lead follow up. A powerful CRM maintains  your business organized so you can   focus on what you do best which is selling and creating financial freedom.

Legally Compliant Dialer

It is imperative that you follow the laws of where you live. Thats why Espresso Agent created a dialer which is legally compliant and effective so you are focused on your prospects rather than on dialing manually. Efficient, effective and productive.

Espresso Agent FAQs

If you're going to dominate your market and truly master prospecting FSBOs and Expireds than you absolutely need Espresso agent. Espresso provides you with the best data every day so that you are focused on what's will make you a fortune which is applying the training your learning on SalesX platform.

  • FSBOs, Expireds, FRBOs 7 days a week.
  • Powerful CRM with advanced capabilities.
  • Zoom Link so you can go Face to Face on any call.
  • Branded Email Video for staying close to your sphere.
  • Highest quality numbers and email addresses.
  • Legally compliant dialer for non-stop prospecting.

Sign up at www.espressoagent.com/Jackie and you'll get 40% off the first 3 months and a special offer. You must us the promo code Jackie20.

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